MyBPCreditCard Login, Registration, Card Activation & Application Process

MyBPCreditCard Login: It is a Synchrony Bank, which issues Mybpcreditcard. In other words, BP VISA Credit Card or BP Credit Card. BP’s original account login portal is on the official website of BP as Mybpcreditcard Login. Using this, one can log in to the existing system and can manage credit card-related data. BPCreditCard is advisable for those who buy gas at BP Gas Stations very frequently. In order to get the maximum out of your credit card, it is essential to have access to the MyBPCreditCard Login portal or BPCreditCard Login.

BPCreditCard holders can easily log in to the official website. After some basic verification and credential checks, one can log in to the system and can access credit card-related information. This information includes monthly spending, online statement generation, online credit card payments, online BPCreditCard loss incidents to customer care, etc. This post will provide accurate and easy-to-understand information on the Mybpcreditcard login or BP card login procedure.

MyBPCreditCard Login – How to Sign In?


To sign in to the MyBPCreditCard Login online portal of BP America, one should follow a very simple process. For that, it requires some basic personal details to enter into the online form. Please go through the below steps very carefully. Synchrony Bank is the official BP Visa® Credit Card or BP Credit Card is the issuer.

  • The official website for this is
  • Clicking on this will redirect you to URL which is the official link of the BP America / BP Visa card
  • Clicking on that will take you to a login form which is for managing your BP Credit Card Account online. Also, bp gas card login or login portal.
  • In my view, it is better to keep your basic details such as Social Security Number (SSN), BP Credit Card Account Number, Area Zip Code, Email address, Date of Birth, a laptop or desktop with a good internet connection, etc.
  • Now you will see a Form like this “Log In to Your Account”
  • Enter “User ID” in the form. This is Case sensitive field so be careful.
  • Enter “Password”
  • Finally, click on the “Secure Login” button to get into the system
  • Next time when you attempt to Log In, and want the system to enter your credentials automatically, click on the check box “Remember User ID”.
  • That’s it, and your account is accessible in your system.
  • Finally, get the exciting benefits of the MyBPCreditCard Login portal. My BP Credit Card login portal will enable you to access your BP visa credit card login synchrony bank account.

MyBPCreditCard – New User Registration

If you have a MyBPCreditCard and want to manage your account online with the MyBPCreditCard Login portal, then first-time registration is a must. To perform the New User Registration procedure please keep some basic details handy. This information includes SSN, Card Number, Zip Code, etc. Furthermore, get ready to key in some personal information such as Name, Email address, contact number, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, contact address, etc. The account registration process will become very easy and simple with our below-mentioned steps.

  • The Official website for this is
  • Clicking on this will redirect you to URL which is the official link of BP America or BP visa card
  • Now you will see a Form like this “Log In to Your Account”
  • There you will find a button “First Time? Register”
  • Click on that button and the system will redirect you to another registration form
  • It will ask you to key in your card number and billing zip code
  • Furthermore, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Additionally, the portal will ask you for some basic personal information for verification. On completion of that, you will get your User ID and Password on your registered email address.
  • Using these credentials, you will be able to Log In to your BP account or BP Credit Card Login account. So it is advisable to keep your User ID and Password safe. Next time when you want to sign in to the MyBPCreditCard Login portal, use the same credentials.

MyBPCreditCard Login

MyBPCreditCard Login – Reset Password

In today’s life, it is very difficult to remember a User ID and Password sometimes. Nowadays, there is everything online and you are required to remember the login credentials of all such online accounts. In such cases, it is very often that, you forget your Log In credentials. MyBPCreditCard Login portal or portal is having options to retrieve your User ID and Password. Please go through the below-mentioned steps to resolve such issues.

  • If you forgot your User ID, then go to the login page by clicking here
  • On the login page, to retrieve your User ID, click on the option of “Find User ID”
  • Clicking on that, you will find another form to find your User ID
  • In that form, enter your card number and Zip code
  • Then after, click on the “Find User ID” button
  • The system will validate your entered account number and zip code with the central database of the bank. If everything matches, it will send you your User ID on your official Email address.

In case you forget your Password, there is an option on the Log In page to “Reset Password” Click on that, and you will see another form to Reset your Password.

  • The password reset form will ask you to enter your User ID and Zip code
  • Enter those details and click on the “Continue” button
  • If both things match with the bank’s database, then it will further ask you to select a new password
  • Finally, with that Password, you will be able to use the MyBPCreditCard Login portal

Various BP Credit Cards

There are different types of MyBPCreditCards available. Following is an explanation of all such cards and some basic features.

BP Visa® Credit Card:

Synchrony Bank is the bank that issues BP Visa® Credit Cards. On refilling the gas from participating BP and Amoco Gas Stations, you will get a discount of ten cents ($0.10) per gallon in fuel purchases. Additionally, you will also get 3% Cash Back Rewards on your purchases of eligible groceries. Merchant Category Code (MCC) is the code using which eligible grocery purchases can be identified. For all other places where VISA credit cards are accepted, you will get 1% Cash Back Rewards on your purchases.

BP Credit Card

Within 30 days of your credit card approval, you will get an introductory offer of $0.25 off on your per-gallon fuel purchase. This introductory discount is applicable for both BP VISA Credit Card and BP Credit Card. After 30 days, you will keep getting a discount of $0.05 on your per-gallon fuel purchase. This fuel purchase should be at designated BP Gas Stations only. For non-fuel purchases on BP and Amoco, you will get 1% Cash Back Rewards on your net purchases. Once you receive your card, you can easily go to the MyBPCreditCard Login portal and start browsing the information.

BP Fleet Card

Fleet cards are specially for fuel management. As per the Fleet Financial survey, it is evident that using BP Fleet Card on average 15% of fuel can be saved with compare to those who don’t use the Fleet management program. So, it is a proven fuel management program introduced in the form of the BP Fleet Card.

BP Gift Card

BP Gift Card is one of the BP cards which is very easy to avail and use. You can gift this card to someone in your family or friends. These gift cards are available in suitable values and one can use them in Gas stations and in BP-designated stores throughout the USA. One can present this BP Gift Card to a friend to have the benefits of BP Fuels which is very high quality, for food, for car wash, and many more things.

MyBPCreditCard Login – Application Process

Meanwhile, the very first thing one should do to avail benefits of a BP Credit Card is an application process. Then after, you will be able to Log In to BP online portal and can manage Credit Card related data. In order to apply for a new BP Credit Card simply follow below mentioned few steps in the correct order and get the card. Prior application is necessary to get access to the MyBPCreditCard Login portal.

  • First, Go to BP’s official website page by Clicking Here, where you can apply for BP Credit Card
  • Then, on that page, click on “Apply Now”, and it will redirect you to a new credit card application form
  • Conversely, you can directly initiate the Application Process by Clicking Here.
  • Then, below mentioned form will be appearing on the screen.
  • In that form, you need to feel some personal information such as First Name, Last Name, M.I., Suffix, Street Address, Appt.#, Zip Code, City & State, Primary Phone, Phone Type such as Home, Mobile, Work, etc., SSN/ITIN number, Date of Birth, Annual Net Income, Employee ID, etc.
  • Finally, click on “Continue” to submit your credit card application form.
  • Then after it will ask you to select your desired Credit Card option, followed by terms and conditions.
  • And you are done, within 7-10 working days you will receive your BP Credit Card

MyBPCreditCard Login – Customer Support

Being such a big reputed brand in the USA, it is very important to have excellent and efficient customer service. To attend, to all Credit Card related queries, BP America is having extensive customer care. You can contact them any day anytime to get assistance with your query. Following are the Customer Service numbers for different BP Credit Cards and MyBPCreditCard login portals.

Please Call on 1-844-887-1945 for BP Visa® Credit Card related queries
Do Call on 1-844-832-0030 for a BP Visa Signature® Credit Card-related query
Call on 1-844-832-0035 for BP Credit Card related queries

For any further queries regarding Credit Card rewards, offers, and the BP Mobile application, contact the below-mentioned email and number.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 800 333 3991 

In case you don’t have BP online account access using which online payments can be made, simply you can send your payment cheques to the below-mentioned address.

Credit card payments can be mailed to:

BP PLCC & Visa

P.O. Box 965006

Orlando, FL 32896-5006

MyBPCreditCard Login – Rewards Redemption

There are a couple of ways the Redemption of MyBPCreditCard Reward points.

  • Reach any designated BP Gas Station, and directly claim BP Card reward points. This way you will be able to purchase add-on fuel spending a little.
  • There is another way to redeem these reward points directly in your bank account. For this, one should have at least 7% of the Credit share value. Such reward points come on product price only, and furthermore allows you to avail the benefit of an additional 15% amount. Also, One can get more information, by signing in to the MyBPCreditCard Login portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How to use a BP credit card? What is a BP credit card?

Answer: In fact, the BP credit card is a regular card. You can use it for various things such as gas refilling, for shopping, dine-in in restaurants, etc. Furthermore, is the official website for BP credit card holders to use its mybpcreditcard login portal. Using this portal you can manage your BP visa card or BP credit card.

Question  2: Can I make use of my BP credit Card anywhere?

Answer: Obviously, the BP credit card is similar to another credit card. However, if you use it at BP gas stations, you will get reward points. These BP rewards points will avail you of more shopping benefits.

Question 3: Where can I use my BP Gas Card?

Answer: Undoubtedly, BP gas stations and BP stores are the places where you can use your BP gas card. It is a kind of gift card that allows you cashless shopping.

Question 4: What is the BP rewards Point? How do BP Rewards points work?

Answer: Especially, BP rewards point work like similar credit card rewards programs. Assuming that, $100 shopping at normal stores earn you $0.10 rewards cash. Conversely, if you spend the same amount at a BP gas station or BP store you get more reward points. Also, you can use those rewards points for further shopping to get benefits.

Question  5: Can I use a BP credit card at Acro?

Answer: At Acro, you cannot use a BP credit card.

Question  6: Is there any procedure, I can check the status of the BP credit card?

Answer: In order to check the status of your BP credit card, simply call Mybpcreditcard customer service.

Question  7: What is the process to pay my BP credit card bill?

Answer: In case you want to make mybpcreditcard payment, the process is simple. Visit the official website and pay your BP credit card bill.

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