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Mygiftcardsite Activate: Gift Cards are becoming the Modern way of Gifting someone and there are a lot of people who like to Send Gift Cards Instead of Gifts or Presents. Prepaid VISA & MasterCards have a lot of benefits.

They make a great gift because they are easy to Send to someone during the holidays or on special occasions. VISA or MasterCard can be sent as the substitute for Cash because they look more appropriate and are the better choice when It comes to giving gifts to someone.

If you are Prepaid Gift Card Holder then Mygiftcardsite allows you to acquire the VISA & MasterCard Gift Cards and Register, Activate and Check your Balance Online Easily. Also, you are able to Manage Your Gift Cards at

When you Purchase your VISA or Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards the first time or receive them from your friends or relatives then you need to Register Your Gift Cards because without Registering your Gift Cards you are not able to buy anything.

A Prepaid Gift Cards are like a VISA card but the only difference is that it is a Prepaid Payment Card that contains the Specific Amount of Money that anyone can Buy and use their Credit score. There are different types of Prepaid Gift Cards available like VISA or MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards.

There are several Features included in your Gift Cards. knowing these things about your Gift Card will make sure you get the most out of your Gift Cards without losing Money. There are a lot of people that don’t use Gift Cards for Specific times and Start losing their Balance.

Also, Some people will use the Gift Card once or twice or will keep it there for a Long time, not Knowing how much Money spend or Left on their Gift Cards before their Card Expires. We Advice you to regularly check your Mygiftcardsite Balance Online through Website.

If you found any problem with how to Check Mygiftcardsite Balance Online then this Article is best for you. In short, we provide Some guidelines to Use your Prepaid Gift Cards, their Features, How To Register VISA & MasterCard, Activate & Manage and Check Balance Online on this Website.

Nowadays Most Peoples trust Gift Cards for Purchasing the Best Gifts, Presents, or anything for their friends, relatives, and other beloved ones on Birthdays, anniversaries, or other Special Occasions. because due to a shortage of time, individuals can’t spend their time in Shopping Malls to Find the Right Gift for their Recipients.


How To Activate Your Gift Card At


If you are Prepaid Git Card Holder then Before using it you need Mygiftcardsite Activation just by Visiting the Official Website of Mygiftcardsite which is After Activating your VISA or MasterCard at you are able to use it anywhere in the USA & Canada. Also, you are able to do Online Purchase when you Activate Mygiftcardsite. And, After Using your Gift cards you can also check Fund in your Accounts without Calling or Going to the Bank. Here Below is the Full Step by Step Process to Activate Mygiftcardsite:

STEP-I: Register Your Prepaid Gift Card at Mygiftcardsite is the Web Portal where you can easily Manage your VISA or Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards. The Prepaid Gift Card Registration process is very easy. Here Below is the Complete Step by Step Guide On How To Register on Mygiftcardsite:

Sign Up:

If you are a new member of the Website and you have not created an Account yet then First you need to Sign Up and Create Your Account at Mygiftcardsite Website.

In Order to Sign Up for your Account, you need to visit the official Website i.e which will redirect you to

Both the Address are the same but in case you are not able to find’s Official Website on Google Search Engine so here we have given you the Direct Link for you.

Enter Your Gift Card Number:

On the homepage of Website, you are able to get three blank spaces, you need to go through the first box. it is the place where you need to Enter your Gift Card Number.

The Number consists of 16-digits, you are able to get the Gift Card Number on the front side of your Gift Card. If you have already your Prepaid VISA or Mastercard Gift Card then you can Activate it through the Website.

Input the Security Code:

Now you have to enter all necessary details in order to Register and Activate your Prepaid Gift Card on the Given Page. also, you need to provide the Security Code which is given on the right side of your Gift Card- at the black and the last 3-digit is the Security code.

Registration Of Card:

After entering the Security code below you will get the Security Code Field. you have to enter this Code to Fill the Captcha Code. If you are not able to Fill that Code then you can select the Refresh Button to Change the Code then this site will show you the new Security Code.

After Entering this Code you have successfully Registered your Gift Card and after Mygiftcardsite Registration, you are able to Login and Start Activating your Gift Card Online.

Lost Your Password? Follow these Steps-

Have you lost your Mygiftcardsite Password? then there is a Password Recovery option available at the Website which is helpful for the Proper Management of the Account. here below is the step-by-step guide which you need to Follow:

  • At first, you need to use the forgot password link for the recovery of the password.
  • Now, Enter your Email Address which is used at the time of Registration.
  • After that, a password recovery link will be provided to your Email Address.
  • Now open your email address and use the link for the creation of a New Password.
  • Now, Enter the New Password and Verify the password accordingly.
  • After completion of this process, you are able to use his account with a new password. Also, you can log in with to make gift sharing easy.
  • Technical support for the customer is also offered and it can be used in the form of phone connection or online chatting with a company agent easily.

STEP-II: Login And Activate Your Prepaid Gift Card at Mygiftcardsite 

After Successful Registration Of Your Prepaid VISA & Mastercard Gift Card, you are able to Log in at the Website. Here Below is the Complete Step by Step Guide of Mygiftcardsite Login:

  • First Go to the Official Website Of MyGiftCardSite.
  • Now Enter the Card Number
  • Now Enter the 3-Digit Card Security Code
  • Enter the security code. Make a point to debilitate any fly-up blocking programming with the goal that you can completely utilize the site.
  • Step-by-step instructions to Use Your My Gift Card Site Login
  • Once signed in, you can Activate Your Prepaid Gift Card Online.

Mygiftcardsite Activation


Check Your VISA Or MasterCard Balance At

Find out How much Money is available in your Prepaid Gift Cards by Checking your Gift Card Balance Online. For that, you need to Enter Your Prepaid Gift Card Number and PIN Number to Verify the Balance. You are able to Get these Details which appear on the Back Side of the Prepaid Gift Cards. Checking Balance Online is very simple.

What Things Do You Need To Know To Check Mygiftcardsite Balance?

In Order to Check your Prepaid VISA & MasterCard Gift Card Balance Online, you need to have your Card with you. After that, you need to log in to the Gift Card’s Account just by Entering Your Gift Card Number and Security Code. Also, you need an Internet Connection to Login Mygiftcardsite and Check your Balance Online.

Where You Need To Go To Check Your Mygiftcardsite Balance?

  • On Can Check the Mygiftcardsite Balance by simply Calling Customer Service Number 1-888-716-7994.
  • The Calling Number is Available 24✕7 But One is Required to be Ready with all the Details.
  • Balance Can be Checked also By Visiting the Store and Showing Gift Card Details to the Sales Associates. they will tell you the Transaction History and Balance Details.
  • The Balance Can Be Also Checked Online by Visiting the Official Website Of and entering the Required Details in the Specific Fields.

How To Check Balance Online?

Once your mygiftcardsite card is successfully registered you are able to check your balance by going online or by calling the card’s 24-hour customer service number. It is easy and fast.

Checking your Balance online is very simple as going to the card’s website and entering its information. You will, of course, need the card’s number and security code to get started.

  1. First, Visit the Official Website Of Mygiftcardsite.
  2. Now Enter the Information required and Enter the Captcha code.
  3. Now Enter your Gift Card Number and PIN code which is of 3-digits located at the backside of your card.
  4. You will see on the screen complete information about your balance.

Access Card Statement at Website

In Order to Access Your Prepaid Gift Card Statement, you need to start by login into, by entering your Prepaid Gift Card Number and Card Security Code.

Also, you need to enter the Captcha Code. Once you are Logged In Click to Indicate that you want to Get the Statement and the Same will be available in Your Account.

Phone Phone number : +1-866-952-5653
Online To check MyGiftcardsite Visa/Mastercard Balance Online Just click here
Store You can also check the balance in store

Lost Or Stolen Your Gift Card?

If you have mistakenly Lost your Gift Card or have been stolen by someone then Mygiftcardsite User is allowed to get a new Gift Card, Activation Receipt, or Payment Receipt. Getting Gift Cards Replaced without any Information on the Card will be Difficult. 24✕7 Customer Service is provided by Calling Number 1-866-952-5653. For Replacing your Gift Cards Extra Charges are applied and users need to pay $5.9 and some other Personal Details will be asked for. The New Gift Card will be issued to you within 30 Days.

Mygiftcardsite Customer Services

1-866-952-5653 is the customer service number. If you have any questions, doubts, or any type of support then you need to call this number.

Mygiftcardsite website is the most important Portal for those people who like to share Gift cards online. there’re a lot of benefits of using mygiftcardsite website. with the help of the website, Prepaid Gift cardholders are able to purchase whatever they like at any time and at any occasion across the USA. apart from these every user can Activate their Prepaid Gift cards, Check their Gift card Balances, Access their card Statements, and carry out Card management online.

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