Victoria Secret Credit Card Login, Activation, Benefits And Application Process

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login: Victoria Secret Credit Card review is an article that will give you all details related to this branded card. Moreover, it will explain about perks, benefits, and other exciting features of this card. Victoria Secret Angel Card is a card that enables its prestigious customers to shop from any of Victoria’s stores. The highlight of this card is that it offers excellent customer benefits and cash-back rewards. However, anyone having low to medium credit scores can have this card. Besides this, here its application process, Victoria Secret Credit Card Login process, Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment process, customer service details, etc. are explained in detail and in easy steps.

  • Recommended Credit Score: 650 to 850
  • Annual Fee: 0$
  • Purchase APR: 26.49%
  • Late Payment Charges: Up to $39
  • Payment Return Fee: Up to $25

Recommended for those who shop frequently from Victoria’s Secret Store.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Features


  • Get 1 rewards point on every $1 spent at Victoria’s Secret Stores
  • Get 3 rewards points on every $1 spent on Bras at designated stores
  • In case you buy more than $50, then you get a Free Shipping facility
  • Monthly perks and exclusive offers
  • On your Birthday, get a free certificate
  • Usage-based up-gradation of Victoria’s Secret Card

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

Victoria Secret Credit Card Application

In order to get the benefit of personalized services related to Victoria Secret Credit Card online registration is a must. Now that, you will get facilities such as online order tracking, notification emails, shipping address saving, checkout choices, etc. For an online application for Victoria Secret Credit Card, go to the official website of Victoria’s Secret by Clicking Here. Then after, it will redirect you to the application online form. Furthermore, it will ask you to key in some basic information to process your online application. Let us find out the process step by step.

  • Go to the official site of Victoria’s Secret by Clicking Here.
  • Choose from existing Credit Card Designs.
  • Furthermore, enter some basic personal information such as First Name, MI, Last Name, Suffix, Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth, etc.
  • Then after, key in your contact information like Zip Code, Street Address, Suite or Apartment number, City, State, Email Address, Mobile Phone, Alternate Phone, etc.
  • Also, add authorized buyer information if you want to, by clicking on “Yes”.
  • Finally, click on the “Continue” button to process further.
  • In addition, agree with standard terms and conditions to process your application further.
  • Subsequently, Comenity Bank will review your application and will send your Credit Card to your address upon approval of your application.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

In order to get access to your Victoria’s Secret online account, follow these easy steps in the correct order. Using this online portal, you will get facilities such as online Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment, online statement review, balance check, etc.

  • Go to the official portal page of Victoria’s Secret by Clicking Here.
  • Enter your User Name and Password.
  • In case you want an online portal to Remember your login credentials, click on the “Remember Me” button. Next time when you attempt to login into this portal, you do need not to enter your details.
  • If you forgot your User Name or Password, Click on the option of “Forgot your username or password?”
  • It will take you to another online form.
  • Enter your Account Number or User name, Zip Code, Identification Type like Social Security Number (SSN)/Social Insurance Number/Alternate option, and the Last 4 digits of your SSN.
  • Finally, click on the “Find My Account” button.
  • In case, the details you have entered match with the central database of the bank, it will send you a username/password reset link in your official email.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

Victoria Secret Angel Card

A glimpse of the card

The Victoria Secret Angel Card offers exciting perks and benefits to its traditional customers. For shopping freaks, who regularly go to Victoria’s Secret stores and purchase lingerie, this card is for them only. Furthermore, its high APR may be a point of concern if you prefer to top-up the balance on Victoria Secret Angel Credit Card. The bottom line is, if you carefully use this card, it may be a blessing, or else will become a curse.

As long as, you love to spend a lot on lingerie, using this card savings can be possible. That’s why this Victoria Secret Angel Credit Card login is a boon for its traditional customers. They get tremendous perks and rewards by using their credit card.

When you spend a dollar, you earn 3X points on purchasing a bra from Victoria’s Secret Store. Moreover, you get 1X points for all other shopping from the store. In addition, you get a choice to select triple point days once a year. Also, by making card payments in-store, you get an option of double points once a month. This option is not applicable for bra purchases though.

There are mainly three options for this card according to the history of your points for the past year.

  • Angel Card – No such point restrictions are there. Anybody can have this card.
  • Angel VIP – If you earn 500 points in a year.
  • Angel Forever – On collection of 1000 points in a year.

Victoria Secret Angel Card – Glimpse

So, if you spend more you get a better card that comes with enhanced security, exciting features, more rewards, and better perks. This not only gives you good savings but a higher status as well.

Customers having an Angel VIP card, get 12% cash back at a rate of 3X points on purchasing a bra. Besides this, they get 4% cash back equivalent rewards on all other purchases. On the other hand, using an Angel Forever card customers can avail of 18% cash back which is 50% more. Also, they get 6% cash back rewards on all other purchases.

PINK Angel Card is just another design to choose which has all other features similar to the original ones. Furthermore, this card has zero annual fees and can be used to buy stuff from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. However, customers don’t get any additional points for that.

Further Details

Provided that, you pay for your stuff by the balance you are carrying over time. With a very high APR, it charges high-interest rates on your purchases. Hence, it results in canceling rewards and savings on your card purchase. To avoid such a situation, it is important to pay your monthly statement balance on time. Also, by doing this, you can prevent any unwanted interest charges.

All in all, by using this Victoria Secret Angel Credit Card, you get excellent rewards and cashback benefits, and other regular perks. However, there are some issues to look out for as well. Such as processing of payments and customer service etc. The Comenity Bank, which issues this card has not carried a good customer service reputation. So, in case you still want to use this card, make sure that you make your monthly payments on or before the payment due date to avoid any unwanted situations.

CCL’s Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

Here we believe that this card should get 3 Stars out of 5. Being one of the best options for purchasing branded lingerie and handsome reward options, it is good. However, with poor customer service, poor payment processing gateway, and high APR it loses its reputation in our list.

Highlights of this Card

  • On shopping for bras triple reward points
  • Yearly Triple Point Days
  • Every year Birthday Gifts for the Cardholders
  • Standard shipping of bras is free
  • When there are any sales, you get early access and advance notifications.
  • For Victoria’s events, you get invitations around the year.
  • It is easy to get this card with compare to other store cards.

Area of Improvement on this Card

  • An enhanced online payment gateway and quick payment processing along with planned payments can make this card better.
  • Customer Service can be better.
  • A sudden reduction in card limit is a concern for some customers.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Login

How to get Max Benefit from this Card?

  • Do all Victoria’s Secret shopping using this card and earn 3X points on Bras and 1X on all other shopping from Victoria’s Secret stores. This cash-back rewards point will further help you compensate for those high prices of products.
  • To get 3X points, select Triple Point Days each year and earn points on purchases other than a bra.
  • Furthermore, when you make payment for your credit card in-store, you avail double points by paying from this card in-store, for all your non-bra purchases.
  • Free standard shipping on purchases that include a bra, using promo code
  • To get informed regarding upcoming Victoria’s Secret offers and promotions, Sign Up using your Email to get such advanced notifications.
  • Choose a card design at the time of application from basic vs design or the PINK Angel Card design which is free.

Some more benefits

  • In case, you don’t use your card for almost a year then considering inactivity, it will get suspended. Also, you will lose all your existing reward points. So, it is advisable to keep your Rewards points active. Hence, use your card once in every six months to get your card open.
  • As long as you earn 250 rewards points, you get a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. Such gift cards may be either $10 for Angle/Angle VIP card holders or $15 for Angel Forever card holders. These gift cards are valid for only 90 days from the date of issue. Therefore, use your rewards gift card before they expire.
  • Since the interest rate is very high, you should be very careful to pay your outstanding amount on time. So, to avoid any unnecessary charges, pay the full outstanding amount before the due date.
  • Furthermore, do not wait until the last date of payment due date. It may happen that, you pay right on the due date and may not go through because of any system-related technical issue. So, do make your payments in a little advance.
  • It is always advisable to check Victoria’s Secret updates regularly on its official website. This will not only help you to know what’s going on in the store but, also help you to know about card security and customer services.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment

There are 3 ways using which Victoria Secret Credit Card Payment can be made. They are online payment using the web portal, by making a phone call and in-store payment.

Online Payment

For online payment, it is necessary to have an online account on Victoria’s Secret portal. For making a payment, simply log in to your online account and then, go to the online payment option. Which, you will get an option to pay either a full statement payment or the minimum due amount. The only thing to be careful of is, If you make your payment before 8:00 PM Est, then it will be considered in the payment for that day, otherwise will go on the next day’s payment. So, to avoid any late payment fees, pay your credit card payment on time before the due date.

In-Store Payment

In case you are not comfortable with the online mode, simply go for In-store payment. Using this option, you can be confident that, your credit card payment is made promptly.

By Phone Payment

Assuming that, your favorite credit card payment option is by calling the customer care number. Call on the toll-free number between Monday to Saturday between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST. The customer care number is 1-800-695-9478, or TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788. The important thing to keep in mind is that it will charge an additional $9 for a by-phone payment.

Victoria Secret Credit Card Lost


In case, your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is lost or stolen, immediately dial the toll-free customer support number which is 1-800-695-9478 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

Victoria Secret Credit Card Customer Service

Customer Care




Customer Care Hours

Monday – Saturday

8 am – 9 pm ET.

Closed On Sundays

Customer Care Address

Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

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